Power of Ratios
The topics covered include definition and reduction of ratios to lowest terms; using ratios to compare quantities; using ratios to divide a quantity into parts; direct and inverse proportion; methods for solving direct proportion problems; methods for solving inverse proportion problems; compound proportion problems; geometric applications of ratios: similar triangles; theorems and proofs; comparison of congruency and similarity of triangles; applications of similarity theorems; radian-degree conversions; right triangle trigonometry and applications; straight lines: slopes of lines; intercepts and equations of straight lines; applications of ratios and proportion in physics and chemistry: Boyle's Law; Charles' Law; Gay-Lussac's Law; combined gas laws; dosage calculations in nursing; food preparation & nutrition; applications of ratios in engineering: machine design; modelprototype design; science and engineering ratios; applications of ratios in business; miscellaneous applications.  The bonus topics cover solutions of 3-D Navier-Stokes equations of science and engineering & Solutions of Magnetohydrodynamic equations by Power of Ratios. Other topics include review of fractions; decimals; percent (%) and calculations involving percent; review of first degree equations containing one variable; axioms for solving equations; solving first degree equations. Other topics cover measurements; standard unit, error, and rounding-off numbers.                                                        

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